World Vision 2007 International Children's Choir Festival

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Subject  World Vision Korea Children's Choir had 'Hope Fest
Writer  admin
Date 07-06-15 17:27

World Vision Korea Childrens Choir had Hope Festival at Sejoung Center in 4th of June.
In the concert, The program had 6 sections and variety of music like hymn and folk song was song in each section.
Especially, Je Hyun Park who is a film director and produced Oollala Sisters in 2002, had volunteered to make the pictures for this contert. It was a novelty concert with music and picture.
Furthermore In July the International Childrens Choir Festival will be held to raise the funds for helping Children of Blue Sky is founded by Wolrd Vision Mongolia to help the poor, orphans, handicapped children and street children who placed in difficulty.
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